ipl in action on woman's face

What is IPL?

If you clicked on this hoping for an article about the Indian Premier League, this probably isn’t for you. For when we talk about IPL, we’re thinking less glowing trophy,
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A selection of rainbow-coloured fruit and veg

Beauty is skin-deep: How to nourish the body from within

Beauty ideals – and the millions of cosmetic products that help us achieve them – vary worldwide. What remains consistent, however, is the reality that what we put into our
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dermapen 4

DermaPen review: Can it be used on any skin colour?

When it comes to microneedling procedures, not all are created equal. You might be better acquainted with the Dermaroller – which has its own benefits – but here at Lovoir
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The Benefits of Collagen Induction Therapy for Scars

The thing about scars is that they not only represent the physical trauma that created them in the first place, but can also come to embody a psychological pain, too.
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microneedling with the dermapen

Getting to the point of Microneedling

Like Millennials, dentists and cheesy 90’s music, needles have got an unfairly notorious reputation. Sure, the thought of piercing your skin may seem torturous, but if you think about it,
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