Handy tips for: Hypersensitivity

The only thing probably worse than hypersensitive skin is not knowing what to do about it! Fortunately for you, Lovoir Beauty is, once again, here to save the day! Why
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magnifying glass against stretch marks

Handy tips for: Stretch Marks

Ah, stretch marks. No matter how you look at them (love-filled scars acting as a testimony to your mothering body or a painful reminder of times you’d rather forget), they’re
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a woman holding a ripped picture of an older version of herself over her face

Handy tips for: Anti-aging – Part 2

Welcome back to the second instalment of anti-aging tips! (If you missed last week’s article, you can check it out here.). Want more of the best anti-aging secrets? Of course,
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anti aging spelt out in scrabble tiles

Handy tips for: Anti-aging – Part 1

It’s got to be the cosmetic industry’s most lucrative problem: How to freeze the physical signs of getting older. (Yup, wrinkles, crow’s feet and liver spots – we’re looking at
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a woman with melasma facing forward

Handy tips for: Melasma

Ever noticed dark areas of skin on your face? Then you’ve probably been hit by melasma – a common skin condition in adults (Melas: Greek work for black.). It’s not
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magnifying glass highlighting rosacea on a woman's face

Handy tips for: Facial redness

Everyone knows what the colour red signifies: Anger, heat and embarrassment, and if you battle with rosacea, these are probably things you’re all too familiar with. Yet it’s also the
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