pregnant woman cradling her bump in black and white

Pigmentation when pregnant: What do I need to know?

What with all the other bodily changes you’re going through when growing a new life, skin discolouration is probably the last thing you want to add to the list. Yet
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woman lying down on salon bed

Dermaplaning gone wrong: How to get the best out of this treatment

Taking a scalpel to your face to get rid of peach fuzz and dead cells – what could go wrong? Well, when you put it like that, probably quite a
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Cryotherapy benefits: Tell me everything I need to know

Freeze! No, we’re not telling you to stop what you’re doing so that you can take in the incredible information we’re about to impart on to you (well, maybe just
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woman lying on salon chair with a magnifying glass focused on her face

How to deal with problematic skin

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how good your DNA is or how well you look after yourself. Chances are, you’ve had to deal with problematic skin conditions at
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woman touching smooth legs

IPL Vs Electrolysis: Which is better for hair reduction?

We’re so excited to announce that we now offer IPL for hair reduction here at Lovoir Skin Body & Beauty! And you know what that means … right? Yup, another
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woman smiling at camera

The importance of internal health for skin: Part 2

We know that the skin is impacted by a range of different factors beyond our control, such as genetics, aging and hormones, which is why ensuring we do everything in
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close-up of woman touching her face with eyes closed

The importance of internal health for skin: Part 1

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but a lesser-known, yet equally important fact, is that the skin is a window to the body. Whether it’s the acne
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woman smiling into mirror while exfoliating her skin

What does Dermapen do for your skin?

It’s been a while since we focused on the awesomeness that is the Dermapen, so we’ll forgive you if you can’t quite remember all the reasons it’s our weapon of
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woman having a facial

Why you should have regular facials

It’s time to face the very real fact that they not only feel incredible but are also really important for an overall good skincare routine, too. Allow us to explain:
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woman looking at camera with face cream on

Professional skincare Vs Over the counter: Which is best?

We are truly blessed to live in an age where everything – literally everything – is on-demand. Can’t be bothered to head to a movie? Netflix it is. Out and
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massage in action

What types of massage are there?

Last week we explained why they’re so important. Now, it’s time for some fun, as we outline the four main types – all offered by us here at Lovoir. Swedish
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massage towel, candles and stones

Get in touch with the benefits of regular massage

As if we really need to convince you why having your body worked into a state of constant relaxation is good for you. Wait … what was that? You DO
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a woman having ipl on her face

IPL for broken capillaries: Everything you need to know

Just hearing the phrase ‘spider veins’ sends an eight-legged shiver down our spines, but the condition it describes is really not as sinister as it might seem. Yep, that’s right,
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a woman with protective eye goggles having ipl on her face

How IPL works for pigmentation

Last week we continued our appreciation for the mighty IPL and how it can be used for hair removal (read about it here!), but it doesn’t end there! That’s because
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ipl hair removal on legs

What is IPL hair removal?

It’s been a while since we introduced IPL to you, so we’ll forgive you if you don’t quite remember just how awesome it is. (You can catch up here!) And
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a woman's face split in two - half with melasma half without

What is the best melasma treatment?

By this stage, you all probably know what pigmentation is and the various ways it manifests itself (and if you don’t, have a read through of this!). That’s all well
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The importance of SPF protection. Part 2

Last week we talked about the history of SPF and why it’s so important. (Catch up here!) This week, we turn from theory to practice as we outline how you
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a finger pressing the top of a sunscreen bottle

The importance of SPF protection: Part 1

Ok, we’ve been banging on about why it’s just so goddam imperative to wear sunscreen in almost every single blog we’ve written, but other than a short paragraph or cheeky
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