Body Massage & More

Swedish Massage

30 minutes: $65.00
45 minutes: $85.00
60 minutes: $99.00
75 minutes: $119.00
90 minutes: $129.00
Pregnancy 60 minutes​: $109.00

Deep Tissue Massage

30 minutes: $75.00
45 minutes: $95.00
60 minutes: $109.00

Hot Stone Massage
Allow 90mins | $139.00

Indulge your body and soul with soothing hot stones to melt away stress from head to toe while your senses delight in our lux-uriously scented and richly hydrating body oil. Tired muscles or a stressed mind will revel in this treatment. The ultimate in relaxation!

Allow 40mins | $79.00

Your feet mirror the general wellbeing of your body. Enjoy specialised pressure-point massage to reflex areas in the feet stimulating natural healing and balance for the whole body.

Upper Body Revive
Allow 45mins | $99.00

The best antidote to common areas of stress and tension. An invigorating and purifying sugar scrub for the back and heavenly massage oils smooth out tension in your back, neck & shoulders.

Indian Head Massage
Allow 30mins | $70.00

A Pressure point styled massage focusing on the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Great for the relief of headaches or sinus issues. Drift away with a luxurious warm oil hair treatment to conclude your treatment.

Illuminating Body Polish
Allow 45mins | $99.00

Revitalize your skin with an Illuminating Body Polish. Rich in anti-oxidants, our sugar scrub restores your skin to its youthful and radiant glow. A hydrating body butter application nourishes and locks in moisture.