Relaxation Facials


Lovoir Relaxation Facials exclusively feature plant based Janesce skincare .The therapeutic value of plants has been known for centuries. Many of the powerful pharmaceuticals we use today have been modeled on the active elements found in medicinal herbs and flowers. 

A Janesce Facial is a truly sensory experience with long flowing movements, skin specific herbal tinctures and powerful essential oils. Janesce is suitable for even the most sensitive or compromised skins 

Skin Analysis
Allow 30mins | $49.00
Our passionate skin therapists advise the right course of action! Your skin doesn’t just comprise of what’s applied topically, we will look further into your skin type, diet, lifestyle and treatment history to determine your next move to a healthier you – inside and out.
Janesce Petite Facial
Allow 30mins | $79.00

A facial focusing on the essentials for those who need a hydrating botanical skin boost when they’re short on time. Includes a cleanse, gentle enzyme exfoliation, herbal mist and facial mask rejuvenating and rebalancing your skin

Janesce Spa Facial
Allow 60mins | $119.00

This relaxing, botanical facial treatment includes a thorough cleanse, gentle enzyme peel, fragrant herbal steam and facial, neck and décolletage massage using aromatic oils. An intensive mask is blended with specific herbal tinctures to address your unique skin needs. 

Janesce Relaxation Facial
Allow 75mins | $139.00

This is an anti-aging treatment for clients who need the ultimate in facial indulgence. Therapeutic levels of plant extracts encourage cell stimulation and skin radiance. Fragrant herbal steam hydrates & locks in moisture. Drift away with face, neck,décolletage and hand massage using aromatic oils to soften, heal and rejuvenate. An intensive mask is blended with specific herbal tinctures to address your unique skin needs. 

Add a Facial Boost!
Add onto any facial | $39.00
Add Microdermabrasion, LED, Infusion or Dermaplaning onto any Facial appointment
Add 15 minutes of massage onto a Facial for only $29.00