Skin Therapy Facials

Bespoke skin treatments using O Cosmedics & Environ transform the skin and achieve cell optimisation. Based on medical strength actives, pure chirally correct ingredients, biomimetic peptides and encapsulated carriers, Skin Therapy

Facial treatments offer intense skin changing results, skin youth, health and radiance. With combinations of numerous peels, exfoliating enzymes and advanced modalities these treatments in quick succession can bring about serious skin change or make the perfect maintenance treatment for any skin concern

Skin Analysis
Allow 30mins | $49.00
Our passionate skin therapists advise the right course of action! Your skin doesn’t just comprise of what’s applied topically, we will look further into your skin type, diet, lifestyle and treatment history to determine your next move to a healthier you – inside and out.
O Cosmedics Enzyme Facial
Allow 45mins | $119.00

If your new to peels or aren’t sure where to start, this is a great treatment to kick start your treatment plan. Pure enzymes give just the right amount of exfoliation to brighten and hydrate any skin. Safe for pregnant clients and very sensitive skins

O Cosmedics Peel
Allow 60mins | $129.00

Numerous combinations and peel variations achieve change for any skin concern at a cellular level. The ideal treatment to relax, create a plan to change your skin or maintain skin health. Our skin therapists will recommend the best solutions.

Environ Deep Cleansing Facial
Allow 60mins | $129.00

This deeply purifying and cleansing treatment removes impurities and deep skin congestion. Vitamin and antioxidant rich serums ensure glowing skin long after your treatment.

Environ Teen Facial
Allow 45mins | $89.00
A freshen up for skin suffering from breakouts. Includes extractions. Products high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories ensure the skin is calmed and strengthened.Add an LED for the perfect combat to acne!
Dermaplaning Facial
Allow 45mins | $99.00

A safe painless procedure to remove unwanted vellus hair or
“peach fuzz” from the face and jawline with the added bonus of a super exfoliation to remove redundant skin cells. Leaves your skin soft and smooth for up to 4 weeks
Express: Allow 30mins | $69.00

LED Light Therapy
Allow 60mins | $119.00

LED Light Therapy is the use of wavelengths of visible light to promote the skins natural healing and rejuvenating responses. Perfect for any age or skin type, regular LED Facials induce change for many skin concerns including acne, eczema, rosacea, wound healing, scarring and ageing.
Allow 45mins | $79.00
Concession of 4 treatments: $200
Concession of 8 treatments: $320

Allow 45mins | $99.00

A physical exfoliation using a light vacuum ensures rough texture, congestion and blackheads are thoroughly exfoliated away.
Express: Allow 30mins | $69.00

Infusion Facial
Allow 60mins | $119.00

Electroporation provides a needle-free anti-aging treatment. With the help of electrical impulses, collagen production is stimulated and serums are infused into the deeper layers of the skin resulting in a more hydrated, brightened and youthful complexion with no down-time!
Express: Allow 45mins | $79.00